For the past 5 years, the creator and owner of ABASI has been evaluating behavioral analysis sports training procedures. During this time, she has worked with many dance teachers and students in the community who have seen first hand the positive impact the procedures had on athletic performance and training.

Please see below for some testimonials from individuals who participated in research studies with us and helped us refine our materials prior to bringing it to the public!

Please note: all testimonials provided are from former clients, and were solicited via questionnaires or interviews at the conclusion of services provided.

The POINTE Program would be beneficial to most studio owners. I could see how they would use this as a cool new teaching tool. If I owned a studio I would use it with some of my recreational students but more so for the competition team.”

-Kristin Marie, Dance Instructor and Grade school Teacher

“ I think the POINTE Program is awesome. It really makes me think as a teacher how to integrate these useful procedures into my daily teaching. This would be very beneficial to dance educators and sheds a whole new light on training that dance educators have never thought of before. I took much more away from it than I initially thought I would. I like alternative new methods because as teachers we have to change our approach as the times change, and this is such a positive program to learn this from. I believe any dancer who participated in the POINTE program would definitely improve and end up at a much higher level. The manual focuses on using new processes to improve technique and dance is a very technique orientated sport.”

-Shawn Lynch, Dance Studio Owner (30+ years), New Orleans, LA

“Reading the POINTE Program Manual was very interesting and taught me about different teaching methods and enhancing some already used methods in my studio. I am excited to use the new methods in my studio as they are cool and different and I could see them helping the student’s performance. I have tried some procedures from the manual in my class already such as auditory feedback and the students love it and work much harder in class. Even if you are a fabulous teacher already, you always have that one student that requires you to think outside the box and this manual teaches you to do that. Also, teaching the same way over and over again leads to kids getting bored and these methods help hold student’s interest as well as improve their dancing.”

-Maureen Gibson, Dance Studio Owner (30+ years), Tampa, FL

“I have conducted behavioral research through USF with Mallory Quinn using the method of auditory feedback, peer provided auditory feedback and public posting with my dance students at Suncoast School Of The Arts. Throughout each project I could see my students dance skills grow as the research progressed. Most enjoyed the techniques we were using and were willing to continue those techniques after the research was completed. Not only did their skills improve but their motivation to succeed improved simultaneously.”

Michele Palacios, Dance Instructor and Grade school Teacher