Current Research

ABASI is a dedicated research site for students of applied behavior analysis. We are always testing new interventions to enhance the performance of athletes or replicating published procedures with slight variations or with new sports areas. Here are some current projects we have in the works and projects which have been completed by consultants on our team.

Ongoing Research

Using Habit Reversal Procedures to Decrease Nervous Habits for Musical Theater Performers in an Audition Context
Calyn Freed, Raymond Miltenberger, Mallory Quinn, Lori Greenberg

An Evaluation of the POINTE System to Guide Dance Instructors to Use Behavioral Coaching Procedures with Competitive Dancers
Mallory Quinn, Kwang-Sun Blair, Lori Greenberg, Raymond Miltenberger

Completed, writing for publication:

Using Video Modeling and Video Feedback to Enhance the Performance of Competitive Dancers
Mallory Quinn, Taylor Narozanick, Lori Greenberg, Raymond Miltenberger

A Descriptive Analysis of Dance Instructor Teaching Methods
Mallory Quinn, Lori Greenberg, Taylor Narozanick, Raymond Miltenberger

Using Auditory Feedback to Improve Dance Movements of Children with Disabilities
Takema James, Raymond Miltenberger, Mallory Quinn

Using Auditory Feedback to Teach Dance Skills to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Aracely Abreu, Raymond Miltenberger, Mallory Quinn


Quinn, Miltemberger, & Fogel (2015)
Using TAGteach to Improve the Proficiency of Dance Movements

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Quinn, Miltenberger, Abreu, & Narozanick (in press)
An Intervention Featuring Public Posting and Graphical Feedback to Enhance the Performance of Competitive Dancers.

Journal of Behavior Analysis & Practice

Kelley & Miltenberger (2016)
Using Video Feedback to Improve Horseback Riding Skills

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Tai & Miltenberger (2016)
Evaluating Behavioral Skills Training to Teach Safe Tackling Skills to Youth Football Players

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

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