Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I noticed the POINTE Program manual is specifically written for dance instructors. Is there a manualized intervention for other sports I can purchase if I want to do the manual only option?

At this time, there is not a manual only intervention available for other sports specifically, however, the authors and consultants of ABASI are currently in the works of developing a more generalized manual, which will apply and include examples from a wide variety of sports realms. Also, even though the POINTE Program manual is written for dance instructors, the client can still participate in the ABASI Certification, which encompasses training for all sports. We are in the process of devising the manual to apply to different sports areas.

Do the ABASI interventions apply to all sports?

Yes, the interventions provided in the ABASI method apply to all sports (see reference page of studies which have been published in scholarly journals). When you take the certification course, you will learn specifics of which procedures have been researched and had studies replicated within different sports environments. Since the ABASI consultant will be focusing on only 1-3 target behaviors maximum, and receive this information from the coach during the initial consultation, only the athletic trainer need possess specialized knowledge of that sport. After the initial consultation, the ABASI consultant will provide a “task analysis checklist” for the athletic trainer to approve for data collection purposes to ensure that the ABASI consultant knows exactly what the coach is looking for as far as execution of the target behavior for the athletes, prior to conducting sessions. The athletic trainer will provide ABASI videos or information of what a perfect execution of the target behavior will be, and ABASI will device the data collection and intervention from this information.

Am I able to become trained in the ABASI techniques as the owner of my studio/ facility and just train my employees to implement the procedures? Or does each employee have to pay to become certified?

Each employee does need to become certified in order to advertise training by that instructor using the ABASI POINTE curriculum. A studio or training facility, which has an owner that completed the certification course, can advertise that some members of the studio use these coaching methods. However, in order to advertise that all teachers use the methods, each one must be certified. We do offer additional discounts for large groups of individuals who choose to seek certification.

How do I get discounted ABASI services?

There are three ways to get discounted ABASI services and we have described them below.

Research Participation
ABASI is always testing new ideas for behavioral athletic training or replicating research studies with novel sports environments. If you are interested in participating in research, a variety of discounts can apply. Please visit our page on “Current Research” for more information regarding this.

Since our goal is widespread dissemination of behavioral sports training methods, ABASI provides a one time 100$ referral reimbursement to those who refer any individual who purchases a certification and also a 100$ one time credit to the individual purchasing the certification.

Group Discounts
ABASI offers group discounts for groups of 10 or more seeking certification or attending workshops. Please inquire with an ABASI consultant for more details.