ABASI Consultation Package

If an instructor does not have time to learn about all of the procedures in the ABASI curriculum, but still wishes to incorporate these procedures into their sports training to gain a competitive edge to enhance the performance of their athletes, community consultation is a great option. Community based consultation involves contracting with an ABASI consultant who will select an appropriate intervention based on the needs of your training facility and athletes, and implement the selected intervention for you. The athletic trainer will not have to worry about collecting or graphing data of student performance, as the ABASI consultant will complete this, nor will the trainer have to worry about conducting any sessions. Consulting provides the athletic trainers and studios flexibility and options of enhancing training of their athletes without having to invest the time into learning about each procedure.

Our Initial Consultation Package Includes

  • An initial consultation will occur with the studio or training facility and will include:.
  • 1 hour interview with the athletic trainer to determine and assess the target behavior for change and learn about current coaching methodology. Each facility is allotted up to 3 target behaviors for change with each consulting package. For example, a dance studio could select 1-3 different dance movements to work on improving with the ABASI intervention.
  • A 3-hour data based observation of the current training methods (can be conducted on multiple visits, although a minimum fee of 45 minutes is required for each visit).

Consulting Includes The Following Services

  • Following the initial consultation, the ABASI consultant will work step by step with your athletic trainers to select and devise a data based behavioral method that fits the needs of your athletes and instructors.
  • Initial assessment and baseline data collection (following observation and analysis of current training practices in the initial consultation).
  • Interview with additional trainers and athletes to identify needed areas of improvement
  • Selection of an appropriate intervention that matches the training environment’s needs
  • Writing up an intervention plan for the athletic trainer to have a copy of and use after the contracting plan is finished
  • Conducting the intervention with the selected athletes
  • Collecting data weekly according to the facility’s availability of athlete performance
  • Graphing each participant and group’s data and providing this weekly to the athletic trainer with recommendations until the predetermined date in the contract is reached.
  • A debriefing will occur with the coaches and athletes with an overview of the selected procedure, providing an analysis of the data, and suggestions for future training.


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